How Does Remote Camera Monitoring Work?

Remote Camera Monitoring is a smart, safe alternative to traditional security solutions. See how it works, its benefits, top providers, and key considerations to choose the best service for you.Camera

On-set and remotely, a video monitor shows live feeds from multiple cameras at once. It helps a film director make better creative decisions and ensure the shoot is on-track.

Theft and vandalism take a major financial toll on businesses across industries. Opportunistic criminals steal tools, equipment and other business items for personal use or to sell. And even more innocuous acts of vandalism can damage facilities, like car dealerships and critical infrastructure operations that rely on electrical power.

Remote camera monitoring can prevent theft and vandalism by deterring criminals and quickly identifying perpetrators if they do commit crimes on your premises. The footage can also be used to help police identify suspects and secure convictions.

Video surveillance is an effective crime-deterrent, but it doesn’t stop every criminal. When criminals know they’re being recorded, they may simply move to a different location without cameras. That’s why remote camera monitoring is so valuable. It allows security agents to watch over locations in real time, and if they see suspicious behavior, they can immediately notify the proper authorities or take action themselves.

If they can’t stop a criminal on their own, they can remotely talk them down using real-time talk-down systems. Only if the criminal continues to act aggressively will the security agent or law enforcement officer step in. This is a much safer approach than putting guards on the ground, which can be dangerous for both them and the criminal.

Cameras can be placed strategically to ensure coverage of all areas of your property, from the front door to the back parking lot. Security experts can also design a system that includes features like crime-deterrent strobe lights, license plate detection and thermal sensors. They can also recommend the best camera options for your site, taking into account practical concerns such as power requirements and ensuring that natural and man-made obstacles are accommodated by the camera lens.

Ultimately, the research found that when cameras were actively monitored, crime decreased in most areas. However, researchers were unable to determine if the cam- eras caused that drop, since other factors likely played a role as well. Even so, crime rates were still lower than in neighborhoods that didn’t have cameras installed. This demonstrates the powerful impact of remote surveillance and shows that it can be an invaluable tool for reducing crime in any area.

Prevents Theft

When a security camera detects suspicious activity, it automatically rings at a remote monitoring center. A security expert can then examine the situation via live video and quickly determine if an incident is occurring. If it is, the operator can call the police or send security guards to the location. They can also perform a vocal intervention to scare away intruders and ask them to leave the premises. This method of deterrence is proven to reduce crime and property damage – especially when used in parking lots at car dealerships, apartment complexes, and businesses with large inventory.

In addition to reducing theft, remote monitoring can help you save on maintenance costs by keeping tabs on your cameras from anywhere. This is particularly important if you own or operate a commercial farm, ranch, or truck yard with many miles of unused space where it can be difficult to keep an eye on the entire site from a single location.

Another advantage of remote monitoring is that it can be used to monitor employee behavior and performance. For example, if an employee is not following company protocol or safety rules, an alarm can be triggered to alert the manager who can then speak with them and correct the issue before it becomes an accident or worse. This also helps protect the business from liability in cases of harassment, discrimination, or other claims against employees.

Finally, video remote monitoring makes it easier to investigate incidents and recover stolen merchandise. If a security camera detects shoplifting, for example, it can be viewed remotely so that an internal investigator can quickly pinpoint the source of the theft. This can allow retailers to recover missing cash and assets, stop sources of shrinkage, and improve their bottom line.

Additionally, modern VMS platforms enable retailers to digitally share footage with law enforcement or legal teams, allowing them to save time and resources. Most systems support a variety of ways to access footage, including port forwarding and Dynamic DNS, which assigns a domain name to the camera and simplifies remote access by eliminating the need to remember changing IP addresses.

Prevents Liability

In addition to preventing theft and crime, remote video monitoring can help prevent property damage caused by natural disasters. By constantly monitoring your premises, you’ll be able to detect environmental factors like flood sensors, fire alarms and freezer and refrigerator temperatures. You can then notify your emergency response team to take immediate action. This will save your business valuable time and money by helping you avoid costly repairs or insurance claims.

While you can use security cameras to deter criminals, it’s important to be aware of privacy laws in your jurisdiction. If people know they’re being recorded, they may feel a lack of trust or security and be less likely to visit your property. In some cases, it’s also legal to record employees in the workplace if you suspect them of engaging in illegal activities that could hurt your company or customers.

Using security cameras to monitor your property can also help you reduce your liability costs. If you have an insurance claim for damages, the footage from your security camera system can provide evidence that you were following safety standards and were not at fault for the incident. This can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

It’s also possible to monitor the performance of your employees, especially if you have a large team. This can be helpful in catching bullying, harassment and other issues before they escalate into more serious problems. Additionally, the live video streaming can help you quickly respond to any concerns from your employees or customers.

Finally, if you have outdoor surveillance cameras, make sure that they don’t record neighboring properties without your permission. You can do this by cleaning the camera lenses, adjusting the angle or using “masking” to cover parts of the view that shouldn’t be recorded. This will ensure your business’s safety and keep you out of trouble with local law enforcement agencies. You’ll also save on your security expenses by reducing the number of false alarms that call police officers to your property. These charges can add up quickly, so ensuring your surveillance cameras are properly set up can save you money in the long run.

Prevents Damage

With remote monitoring, you’ll get peace of mind from knowing that your property is protected 24/7 from both crime and environmental damage. The service connects your CCTV and alarm system to an offsite monitoring station via wired Internet or 4/5G connectivity, allowing a team of security professionals to monitor your property from afar. They’ll see any unauthorized activity and immediately alert you. They’ll also be able to provide vital information about the incident, such as what direction it is coming from and who or what it may be. This gives the police a much clearer picture of the situation and can help them respond more quickly.

If your business has a reputation for excellent customer service, then the last thing you want is an incident on your premises that damages your good name and causes you to lose money. Sadly, stories of attacks in shopping centers, schools, and office buildings are all too common. Remote camera monitoring can spot these incidents before they occur and help to protect people in your care, as well as your property.

In addition to protecting your property from theft and vandalism, remote monitoring can help prevent fires and environmental damage, as well. If an issue arises, your alarm will instantly send the alert to the remote monitoring station in real-time, enabling them to check live footage and identify any suspicious activity. If the alarm is in response to a fire, they’ll be able to call the emergency services and send them to the site immediately.

Similarly, they can monitor industrial sites and commercial property to ensure that equipment and materials aren’t stolen or damaged. Cameras positioned near machinery can stop thieves and other unwanted visitors, while cameras placed in hallways or lobbies can deter after-hours access by unauthorized personnel.

Installing cameras with high intruder or IK ratings (impact resistance) is a good way to help prevent the damage caused by bad actors looking for easy targets. It’s also worth displaying signs warning that you have surveillance cameras in place, as this can act as a deterrent and confuse criminals who don’t know the premises are being monitored. Finally, make sure that any cameras you install are on a fixed mounting point and not connected to any metal surfaces or electrical outlets.